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Latest News: Pintsize Webinars

The Saloon opened it’s doors to trial the first lunchtime Pintsize Webinar with resounding success!

Salooner Giles Metcalfe delivered best practice digital management expert advice with a punch.  Post talk discussions led to insightful contexts and actions for carbon reduction practices online.

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Why join our Saloon?

We have been listening to our BIG small business community across the UK to understand how we can support your sustainable growth.

For a small business to grow you need to:

  • Understand what sustainability really is and what it looks like in a small business
  • Discover what sustainability actions create impact and growth with fellow small businesses
  • Boost growth with supply opportunities and research data

Welcome to our Sustainability Best Practice Platform!

The Saloon is designed to share best practice sustainability actions for business growth and impact through featured activities:

Sustainability Masterclasses: Best practice insights from industry experts about what sustainability means in your small business.

Sustainability Themed Workshops: Leading your business to excel and grow by learning how to apply practical sustainability practices.

Great Planet and People Competitions: Bonus gifts useful for your business and a chance to promote your amazing products and services.

Small Business Case Studies: A chance to tap into how social and environmental actions that work well in small businesses

Exclusive Surveys:  Join in for industry statistics and facts that give your business credibility.

Supply Opportunities: Buyer events with larger businesses to engage with procurement opportunities.

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