"Promoting the good that businesses do for a better world"

Small Business Sustainability: Progress not Perfection

Our purpose is to promote the good that businesses do for a better world, focusing on small businesses with a common goal to be a force for good whilst developing a strong stable economy.

These Awards provide a platform for small and micro businesses to showcase how responsible business strategy, practice and developments have transformed their business and brought opportunities to fulfil their people alongside inspiring their local economies to achieve a better environment.

List of Awards

1. Tech Innovator of the Year

2. Disrupting Markets

3. Circular Economy

4. People Centred

5. Low Emissions Ambassador

6. Community Enterprise of the Year

7. Visionary Leadership

8. Industry Champion – Manufacturing

9. Industry Champion – Construction & the Built Environment

10. Industry Champion – Digital & Creative

11. Industry Champion – Hospitality & Leisure

12. Industry Champion – Administrative & Support Services

13. Industry Champion – Retail & Wholesale Activities

14. Industry Champion – Personal Services

15. Judges’ Choice – Good Small Business of the Year

The ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (TBL) took account of people, planet and profit. It supports a company’s social, environmental and economic impact by highlighting the importance of not overlooking people and the planet when chasing profit.

This model places our wellbeing, natural environment and economic development of equal importance when doing business. We talk about ‘stakeholder value’  in recognition of this wider approach to our responsibilities as a business.

The model has now evolved into the ‘Quadruple Bottom Line’ (4BL), comprising purpose, people, planet and profit. These 4Ps offer businesses sustainability by optimising profit AND maximising stakeholder value – within planetary limits. This means that we’re not killing the planet through our activities.

The Judges will consider all ideas against these criteria, but  are also looking for:

  • Action over ideas
  • Measurable impact
  • Third-party accreditations and monitoring
  • An ambition and plan to scale your impact

Meet the Founders

Garth O. Dallas


I am a co-founder of Dallas Consulting and of the Good Small Business Awards.

I have helped many businesses grow sustainably by maximising the potential of their people and connections. I specialize in helping businesses develop strategies that focus on making a positive impact on people, places, and the planet, across multiple industries.

My company and I help organizations realize the business value of integrating sustainability by developing and implementing strategies to save money, increase brand value, reduce risk and engage their stakeholders and employees. I combine my many years’ experience in Business Law, Employment Law & HR, Workplace Diversity & Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility with my practical and successful experience in setting up and scaling up SME businesses to allow them to be profitable and sustainable. Businesses that create impact at scale through what they do and how they do it will generate value for everyone.

I have a particular passion for helping businesses develop strategies that focus on making a positive impact on people, places, and the planet, across multiple industries. Having received a Vice-Chancellor Scholarship from Liverpool John Moores University, I am currently researching business ecosystems for SMEs in the Social and Solidarity Economy, in the UK and across the world.

In a consulting role, I was the Head of Collaborations for The Good Business Festival and the Good Small Business Champion for the Liverpool City Region’s Growth Platform, Good Small Business Programme from January 2020 to March 2022.

I am a Non-Executive Director of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Trust, chairing various sub-boards, including the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group, the International Children Health, and the Alder Hey Green Project.

I am also Chairperson of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association which brings added value to my clients who may wish to take advantage of my strong links with the 54 countries in the Commonwealth that are keen to trade with the UK.

In addition to my professional work, I have also offered my time and expertise on several Liverpool Boards and Committees, including Liverpool Commonwealth Games 2022 Bid Board, Liverpool Special Olympics Games 2021 Bid Board and Netball World Cup 2019 (Liverpool) Legacy Board.

Additionally, in my role as a long-standing member of Liverpool City Council’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Select Committee, I maintain strong connections and provide exemplary support to the development of Liverpool’s strategic policy across various portfolios, particularly in relation to diversity, social inclusion and community engagement best practices.

Since 2015, I have served as an Ambassador for Liverpool Central Libraries, with responsibility for promoting this famous library nationally and internationally. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Oh, before I forget: I speak Hungarian fluently.

Claire Dallas


28 years ago, I launched my career in network architecture and project management in the technology industry before extending into the commercial arena; revealing an aptitude for value-add expertise in bid management of complex, bespoke solutions.

The experience enabled me to step into senior commercial management at the BBC with dynamic flair and recognised success. Managing commercial performance of technology across the BBC, reporting to the BBC Trust and Board, I gained extensive experience leading commercial negotiations, revising supplier management practices and delivering operational efficiencies aligned with evolving technology requirements.

In 2013, after a sabbatical on the Africa Mercy hospital ship in Sierra Leone supporting global publications on sustainability projects and winning a USA film award, I moved back to my roots in the Northwest of England.

An opportunity arose to build Dallas Legal, an innovative legal and business consultancy firm, where my commercial acumen in Nominee Shareholder and Director services has been an integral part in supporting growing UK and international SMEs.

During this past decade, I successfully created an international distribution company that became a supplier for Tesco Direct, led the roles of General Secretary in the Liverpool Branch and Entrepreneurship Ambassador as a Regional Board member for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), acquired and managed a private medical company and Chaired Skills for Care, Liverpool Registered Managers Network.

Leveraging from the strength of our business consultancy experience with my fellow Director, Garth Dallas, we co-founded Dallas Consulting that developed successfully such as leading business collaborations for The Good Business Festival .

Our purpose is firmly rooted in sustainability consulting engaging good business practice in social environment impacts and growth. This means we believe in the concept of “pay-it-forward” and uniting the small business community to develop sustainable business resilience. We achieve this by delivering Socio-Environmental Strategy, ESG Impact Programmes,  Sustainability Supply Chain and Inclusive Sustainability consultancy services.

The importance of sustainability and social impact has led to the successful launch of The Good Small Business Awards, The Good Small Business Salon and The Good Small Business Foundation.

This is further supported by my current engagement in a female entrepreneurship Doctorate Research Scholarship at the Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship – Management School – University of Liverpool.