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Growth is great, but growing greener is taking on a new urgency for mid-sized businesses against a backdrop of climate change awareness and uncertainty for our collective future. The UK government is urging SMEs to commit to the Net Zero goal as part of a global campaign, via its UK Business Hub, in order to promote more environmentally conscious ways of working.

While businesses are in their growth phase, they still have the power and are nimble enough to make fundamental widespread company changes that can impact the direction of the business for years to come. They also have the power to develop a culture that fosters an environment that takes into account corporate social responsibility from the very beginning of the business’ conception – this is why planting the right seeds at SME size is so important.

SMEs’ combined environmental impact is in many ways more significant than those of big corporations, according to recent commentary from The Open University, rendering them a mighty force to be reckoned with and also destructive in their aggregate carbon footprint.

Making changes is easier said than done, though; SMEs are typically less well-resourced and face challenges around implementing practices that make their operations more sustainable. This must be taken into consideration. That said, there is a clear opportunity for the collective firepower of small businesses to gain support from their partners and customers by shifting to a greener mindset communicated through their company culture and rolling out practices that can make impactful long-term changes.


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