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Soulla Kyriacou, COO, A Blueprint for Better Business

Soulla is Chief Operating Officer at a Blueprint for Better Business, a charity whose purpose is to create a better society through better business. Blueprint helps businesses to be inspired and guided by a purpose that benefits society and respects people and planet.

Blueprint’s work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business, whilst the one to one work is primarily with large corporates, Blueprint’s thinking and approach is relevant to organisations of all sizes. Blueprint also convenes forums and events, and works with investors and influencers from wider society, including NGOs, academics, business schools, coaches and advisors, to help create the environment for purpose-led businesses to thrive.

Soulla joined Blueprint December 2012. As well as overseeing the operations of the charity, Soulla runs workshops for teams, manages a network of coaches and consultants to business and leads on a number of other projects.

Soulla is a trained coach and was previously a director at KPMG.

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